Math portal for the student

All students using MattePortal have their own login to the system. With this login the student can reach the portal regardless of which device he or she is using.

When the student has logged into the system he or she can select the desired level of difficulty for the assignments. Each level of difficulty is represented by a game world that has a number of assignments to be solved in order to move forward in the world.

MattePortal matches the curriculum in mathematics for grades 1-6 . World 1-3 corresponds to school years 1-3 and world 4-6 corresponds to school years 4-6. There is also a programming world that has a variety of exercises that teach the students logical thinking and programming using block programming.


If the teacher has handed out homework to the student, it will be shown through a notification to the student in Homework tab. When the student clicks the homework tab it will show the student's current homework.

A homework will be marked as finished when all the exercises in the homework have been completed.

Gamification and collector cards

MattePortal uses a variety of game elements to spark interest from the students. One of these elements is rewarding students in the shape of MattePortal's virtual Monster cards when they solve an assignment.

Some of the more difficult assignments are locked when the student starts a level. The student will unlock these by first passing the easier assignments. Some assignments also have special attributes, such as that the student must get all the answers correct in order to pass it.