MattePortal for the teacher

Teachers log in into the portal with their login information. Once in the system the teacher can handle students, hand out homework and follow the students' progression and results.


The teacher can deal with multiple classes if they are connected to a school license. The teacher deals only with one class if they are connected to a class license. If the teacher adds the students in the class, these students will be assigned login information that they later sign into the system with.


The teacher can hand out homework to their students. The teacher can, when creating a new homework, enter a text which described the homework to the students. The teacher selects which information is to be included in the homework from the big battery of assignments that is included in MattePortal. The teacher can then connect the homework to the students in the class who are supposed to do them.

Reports and analysis

Teachers can monitor students' activity in the portal. It's possible to see what assignments the students have completed, when the assignments were completed and their final results. A knowledge profile is created for each student, in which the teacher can see what types of exercises the student has practiced the most and what types of exercises the student may need more practice with.